A few years back we started shoeing some racehorses with the prototype of the Costin Horseshoe. We thought my shoe would help race horses because the shoe is a little lighter and provides more sole cover. But to my surprise the benefits went way beyond that.

I found that the tearing in the lamina virtually stopped.

The concussion absorption of the shoe improves these horses more than I could have ever imagined.

Racehorse: Sacromonte

Sacromonte always showed it had ability but, like many racehorses, it had not been performing as well as he should have. However, he certainly went better on soft tracks. In his first preparation Sacromonte had seven starts for two placings. The placings were on soft tracks. The owners put him out for a spell thinking they could only run him on soft tracks.

However, for his next preparation we shod Sacromonte with a protoype of the Costin Horseshoe. The horse was immediately noticeably better. In his second preparation he was in the money every start except for one where there some mix up in the instructions to the jockey.

The owners put out him out for a spell and won’t bring him back in until we have the Cositn horseshoes in stock.

The owners have said they will never use steel or aluminium shoes again.

They also have another two year old horse which is ready to start training but the owners won’t start training him until the Costin Horseshoe is available.

Trotter: High Cloud Lass

I tried the Costin Horseshoe on High Cloud Lass more to see how the shoe wore on a very abrasive trotting track. I wanted to test the durability of the shoe compared to steel shoes. The shoe wore just as well, if not better than steel. It was certainly a lot better than the aluminium shoes the horse was wearing.

However, what was unexpected was the outstanding improvement in the horse. The owner told me the horse was timed 10 seconds better than his previous personal best. I found that very hard to believe. The owner told me he was going to race the horse at Albion Park. The horse ran third and his next start he won and then another second. The owner was very, very impressed with the shoe. The horse is currently spelling waiting for the Costin Horeshoe.

Racehorse: Sirocan

The horse is a very big, some 17 hands. It is hard to handle. It was doing nothing because its heels were sore. I think the soreness contributed to its bad behaviour. I shod the horse with the Costin Horseshoe. It won its next start. You could tell it was moving a lot freer and more comfortable. However, because there were no more shoes available, it went back to wearing aluminium shoes and has not won since. The horse is now waiting for the Costin Horseshoe to become available before resuming training.

Endurance horse: Sateen

Sateen is a small Arab endurance horse. She was fairly inconsistent in her endurance races, always finishing a little way down the track. I put some of the earlier prototypes on Sateen and noticed signs of improvement. What the owner and I noticed was the horse started to place in its racing quite quickly to the stage where the horse was always in the first four. Previously the horse was vetted out a lot. The owner said she will never go back to steel shoes, ever again.

Racehorse: Zenkali

I had a horse that I was shoeing that went shin sore three times. It would suffer shin soreness only weeks into its training. The horse had ability but the trainer just couldn’t get it to the track. I tried the Costin Horseshoe and the horse never went shin sore again. It went on to win its first start by two lengths after training in the Costin Horseshoe. It has never won a race since going back to aluminium shoes. The owner is waiting for my shoes to become available.

Surprising Results

When I started using my shoe I had no idea of its potential. Some of the things it has done are hard to believe. If it only happened on one horse I would say it was just lucky. But I’m hearing it over and over again. On different horses and in different disciplines the horses start winning immediately. I can’t promise this will happen with every horse but the Costin Horseshoe will certainly allow a horse to race or compete to its ability. I have never heard of a horse improving its personal best by 10 seconds after simply changing its shoe but that’s what happened to the trotter, High Cloud Lass.

Some of my clients are not easy to please. They are experienced horse men and women and don’t believe in miracles but after trialling my shoe they simply won’t go back to aluminium or steel shoes.

When I first started trialling the shoe I was always hoping nothing would go wrong. But now I can’t wait for the owners and trainers to tell me how it’s going because I know they will be very happy.