The Costin Horseshoe | Technical Details and Specifications


Designer/Developer: Steve Costin

Origin: Queensland, Australia

Material: Polyurethane

Fitting Method: Nail shoe on or glue it on or both

Fitting Process: Easy to fit, watch our video.Step by instructions below.

Training: Instructional videos provided online, further training available by request

Sizing: Currently sizes 2 through 9 are available Depending on demand, smaller or larger sizes to suit smaller or larger horses may become available. Please enquire

Suitability: Suitable for all horse breeds and all equine activities

Surfaces: Suitable for soft (grass, sand) and hard surfaces, especially effective on rough terrain, uneven surfaces such as road, gravel, cobbles, rocks and slippery surfaces

Key Benefits

Polyurethane shoe, designed to replace steel and aluminium shoes

Farriers: easy and faster fitting presents significant time-saving and labour cost saving benefits

Owners: cost-savings delivered through durability and competitive pricing savings

Breeders: safeguards and preventative measures against risk of injury to the horse through increased flexibility, unique design features and increased durability

Trainers: the lighter weight significantly increases performance

Riders: greater traction, less slipping, improves rider confidence, may reduce risks and improve overall performance

Horses: improved comfort, condition and wellbeing, especially in relation to shin soreness.

Whatever your horse or your activity, find out for yourself how Costin Horseshoes can assist your horses, boost yours and their performance, prevent risk of injury by placing your order online now.


All prices AUD ex GST, delivery additional.


Size 2
Size 3
Size 4
Size 5
Size 6
Size 7
Size 8
Size 9

WIDTH mm/inches



$35.20 incl GST
$35.20 incl GST
$35.20 incl GST
$35.20 incl GST
$35.20 incl GST
$35.20 incl GST
$35.20 incl GST
$35.20 incl GST

Fitting the Costin Horseshoe

Tools required:

  • Hoof cutters
  • Pull Off
  • Nail Pullers
  • Shoeing hammer
  • Clenchers
  • Rasp
  • Buff
  • Buff hammer
  • Shoeing knife
  • Apron
  • Half round resecting nippers
  • White marker pen
Watch our video to see Steve actually fit the Costin Horseshoe and give you some great tips


  • Dress and trim the hoof as you would normally do for shoeing.
  • Measure the hoof at the widest points.
  • Select the shoe that is the same width. If the hoof is between sizes always select the bigger size shoe.
  • The shoe has got five clips. The two rear clips (fitting clips) are fitting clips to hold the shoe in position while shoeing and are then cut off after shoeing. The other three clips are a toe clip and two quarter clips. The toe clip and two quarter clips can be cut off before shoeing, if required.
  • Before fitting the shoe decide on whether you want to cut off the toe clip or the two quarter clips. It is easier to shoe if you don’t leave all the clips on the shoe. I recommend you cut off the toe clip and leave in place the two quarter clips but some farriers might prefer to leave the toe clip on and cut off the two quarter clips.
  • To fit shoe: turn shoe upside down and place it on the hoof. Mark the hoof where the two quarter clips should be placed. Resect where the two quarter clips will be on the hoof so the clips fit flush with the wall of the hoof.
  • Turn the shoe over and slide it onto the hoof until the clips fit into their resected holes. Pull the hoof out towards the front of the horse or place the hoof on the ground. Mark any excess shoe around the heals with a white marker pen.
  • Take the shoe off and cut those parts off. After you have cut the shoe dress it up to remove any sharp ends.
  • Now the shoe is ready to be fitted.
  • Slide the shoe back on. Nail it on.
  • Be sure to keep your nails up high rather than low.
  • Shoe as a normal shoeing.
  • When nailing up I like to use the six front nail holes.

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